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The Dos And Dont’s Of Melbourne Airport Car Parking

When traveling, many people leave their cars at home due to the limited amount of parking at the airport. While that is always an option, driving to the airport can save you tons of travel time. If you are not familiar with and you are considering it for your next trip, you should continue reading. The parking facilities are secure and undercover in a multi level well lit car park – so it is great value for money.

map of car park

– DO make sure that you reserve a Melbourne airport car parking spot far ahead of time. If you wait until your trip is near, there is a chance that there will be no more available spaces. There may seem to be endless parking, but with the number of travelers that come through the airport every day, the availability is not as open as it may seem.

– DON’T forget to make sure that your insurance policy covers any damage or theft that may occur. There are many people that trust Melbourne airport car parking places to keep their car safe, but that is not a good idea. Even though they may try their best, the reality is that things can always happen that are beyond anyone’s control.

– DO consider other options besides parking directly at the airport. There are many parking companies around the airport that can accommodate you in the event that the airport lot is full. You should also consider parking at a nearby hotel. The best thing about both of these options is the fact that these options will help you save a little bit of money.

– DON’T leave any valuables lying around your vehicle. For example, if you have a GPS unit in there, it would be a good idea to take it out immediately. Sometimes leaving these things around makes your car a target when that was not the original intention.

– DO make sure that you keep your receipt in a secure place. The last thing you need is to get back and have a hard time finding your car and paying the correct amount that is due. If you have inner pockets on your luggage, it would be a great idea to store it there.

If you have to go to Melbourne Airport in order to get to your intended destination, you may want to consider parking your car there. Now that you have all of this information available, it should be a simple process that doesn’t add any additional stress to your trip. There is a great thing to be said about peace of mind, especially when you are traveling or on a well earned break. Do yourself a favor and park in a secure well lit location for a reasonable price.